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Iceapelago 2091 by Peter Brennan

A memorable, unpredictable journey…

After the destructive Eriador event effectively shuts off the Gulf Stream, bringing in fierce winters that lasted half a year, Iceapelago becomes the hub of life-or-death negotiations, with residents struggling to stay alive in Brennan’s compelling and multifaceted near-future dystopian thriller, the second in the Iceapelago series. It’s been thirty years since the collapse of the Gulf Stream and the arrival of the devastating tsunamis that created Iceapelago; thirty islands that were once Ireland. Population is struggling in almost pre-medieval conditions in the face of the shortage of food and basic supplies. The regional government is led by Sixes, who are more interested in securing their own position than worrying about people’s needs. When the former Park Ranger Rory is appointed Sheriff, he has every intention to fulfil his duty, but a devastating storm initiates a series of events that lead to Rory becoming a wanted fugitive. With authorities at his trail and outside invaders plotting against the island, Rory must do everything in his power to survive. A Swiftly paced narrative, including short vignettes involving wild animals’ voices, who are also struggling to survive in the face of the environmental devastation, keep the pages turning, drawing the reader into Iceapelago’s intriguing world of climatic destruction. Brennan uses familiar set pieces—a brutal devastation, survival strategies, sinister power struggles, protagonists caught up in their personal turmoil, political manipulation, and human drama—and converts it into a compelling tale of intrigue, action, and suspense. The characters are thoroughly developed, and Brennan skillfully conveys his protagonists’ fears, insecurities, and self-doubts as they struggle to stay alive in the face of ruin. Rory’s struggles with the loss of his young family and the devastation of the lands will break readers’ hearts. Alfie is a complete darling. Sean deserves a long run in the series. The antagonists are downright sinister. Tender emotions and high-stake dangers simmer on the page, turning the bond of solidarity and humanity into a battlefield as Rory tries to defeat the malevolent enemies of Iceapelago. Brennan’s concept of a dystopian society struggling to survive is unsettling and thoroughly convincing. The storytelling is assured, as Brennan examines the complexities of survival, compression, trust, and humanity’s ability to stand tall in the face of difficult circumstances while chronicling the story of a desperate population’s path to survival. Suffused with a swiftly moving plot and deeply realized characterization, the novel makes for a page-turner. Read it.

Iceapelago 2091

By Peter Brennan

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Pub date July 30, 2021

ISBN 9781838063931

Price $6.29 Kobo eBook

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