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<3: Love Poems by Halle Preneta

Simple but beautifully expressed…

Preneta’s latest, a poetry chapbook, is an intriguing collection of short poems that delves into queer love and the feelings associated with it. Preneta’s language is pleasing and accessible, lending the reader an awareness of bisexuality as they themselves understand it. There are intimate descriptions, such as in “Your Touch” Preneta writes: “Our hands brush/ and my skin comes alive,/ my heart pounding./ The palm feels/ different now,/ like it isn’t mine anymore,/ as though my skin decided/ to belong to you/ just like my heart did./ You fill up my jar of <3.” Preneta’s portraits of their lovers are captivating. They bring to life the latter’ vibrant personality: “He is orange;/ A mix of red, the color of love,/ (the blood that rushes to my face/ whenever I see him),/ and yellow, the color of happiness/ (the smiles and laughs I instantly receive/ whenever he enters the room).”  “How Long The Images Live In My Mind” describes the author’s longing for both men and woman: “The desk lamp light shining in her hair/ His stubble dusting across his face/ Her neat loopy handwriting/ His words falling into an abyss when he speaks.” With bisexuality at the heart of the collection, Preneta addresses other significant concerns as well, including LGBTQ issues, bullying, and hope for a fair treatment. This is a moving mediation on queer love.

<3: Love Poems by Halle Preneta

By Halle Preneta

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Pub date June 23, 2021

ISBN‎ 979-8521362769

Price $10.44 (USD) Paperback

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