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The Ghost of Madonna 13 (The Last Nevergate Chronicles Book 3) by E. T. Ellison

An ambitious installment in a rollicking series that deserves big screen adaptation…         

Ellison’s electrifying third installment in The Nevergate Chronicles sees mysterious forces unleashed centuries ago come together toward an epic, continent-spanning clash. Glendyl, Lizbeth and Lysheem are together once again, but a war party is after them, who will go to any extent to realize their sinister motive. With the prisoners back from dragon slavery, a civil war is threatening to break out in St Coriander. And a deadly war is brewing inside the dragon caves, with Emmishak getting ready to attack the town. A large array of characters and the sumptuous twists and turns of the lightning-fast narrative invite close reading: the reader can sometimes feel lost in the dizzying machinations and tangled backstories of this electrifying universe. But Ellison knows his craft, and it shows. His intelligent, assured prose and skilled, precisely detailed narrative make sure the reader stays invested. The exciting conclusion will leave readers eager to find out what happens next. This wildly inventive SF tale is fun through and through.

The Ghost of Madonna 13

(The Last Nevergate Chronicles Book 3) Kindle Edition

By E. T. Ellison

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Clownbox Press

Pub date May 5, 2020


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