Most Precious Collection by Heather Robbins

A quick read, offering both suspense and scares…

In Robbins’ latest, a woman fleeing her past moves into a Victorian house, only to find her life upending once again. Trying to build a new life free of past mistakes, Madison Palmer moves to the quiet little town of Port Belle with her five-year-old daughter Sophie and makes her cousin’s century-old Victorian rental house on the outskirts of town her home. But the house has a bad history. When strange things begin to happen, Madison sets on to look into the house’s old secrets. But what she uncovers can change the course of her own life. The narrative offers a vivid immersion into the daily life of Madison and Sophie plus healthy doses of scares, menace, angst, and emotional epiphany. As Madison falls deeper into the house’s supernatural world, with the boundary between reality and perception beginning to dissolve, Robbins skillfully retches up the novel’s nightmarish quality. She offers all the familiar elements of gothic horror for fans of that genre such as a century-old house with troubled history, secrets long-buried, supernatural happenings among others while incorporating a fascinating mystery surrounding the setting and her protagonist’s troubled past. She skillfully explores Madison’s struggles with her mental illness, insecurities, fears, and self-doubts as the latter tries to find a way to move forward. The plot is predictable and surprises few, but there are enough shocking revelations that keep readers compelled all the way to the novel’s conclusion. The scary sequences stand out. Readers will find it gratifying to accompany little Sophie toward her more-than-well-earned escape.

Most Precious Collection

By Heather Robbins

Austin Macauley

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Pub date July 30, 2021

ISBN 978-1643789521

Price $12.95 (USD) Paperback, $4.54 Kindle edition

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