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Damaged And No Longer Under Warranty (Infinity’s Trinity Book 2) by Alan Felyk

A witty and intriguing space romp…

Felyk continues Paul Tomenko’s story from the Infinity’s Trinity series with this witty second installment. With his ability to pass between the living and the afterlife, Paul has finished relocating trillions of life forms on Earth to the Paraverse. But he has no memory of constructing the Paraverse. And though the schematics are deep inside him, they can be retrieved piece by piece only by making eye contact with Allie. Trying to right the wrong, Paul reassembles the Bioprovidence research team, unaware of a catastrophe awaiting ahead. And the Cassamarians, the sinister fire-breathing alien insectoids, have penetrated the barrier separating the Originverse and Paraverse. Now Paul must do everything in his power if he wants to see his mission realized. Fans of the first installment will welcome many of the old characters’ return. The large cast of varied characters—from the pair of “resurrected” six-year-old neo-Neanderthals, the most intelligent humans on Earth, the Ukrainian Vodka-Drinking Circus Bear, the sassy Tina Turner-lookalike who patrols the most significant storage unit among the stars—is fully realized and relatable, and Felyk’s witty observations and sharp dialogue keep the pages turning. The basic concept of the story is a fascinating one, but it gets somewhat muddled in delivery. However, worldbuilding is sketched with perception and skill: the story’s futuristic setting is an intriguing combination of fantasy and space age opera. Felyk obviously had a ball drawing this unique, one-of-a-kind world, and readers will relish it too. The book is not for everyone, but lovers of technically dense yet lighthearted, witty space opera will be rewarded.

Damaged And No Longer Under Warranty

(Infinity’s Trinity Book 2)

By Alan Felyk  (Author), Cindy Swanson (Illustrator)

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Pub date September 8, 2021


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