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Nothing to Get Nostalgic About by Eddie Brophy

Dark and unsettling… A pitch-perfect tale of psychological horror.

Past comes unraveling, threatening to destroy the present in Brophy’s page-turning latest. Charlie Harris has always been haunted by his past. But that hasn’t stopped him from becoming an award-winning, successful author and starting a family. But when the trauma of his childhood threatens to destroy his young son’s life, Charlie knows it’s time for him to face his inner demons. Brophy is an expert plotter and storyteller: the narrative shuffles forward, with palpable tension in the back, and the story becomes deeply disturbing as Charlie weaves his way between the present and the past. A lot happens in a quick succession of events, but Brophy neither loses focus of his characters nor the emotional core of the events. The themes of childhood trauma and fear that play the key part in the story are skillfully deployed, making it a dark read throughout. Fully realized characters with emotional depth and unique narrative voice keep readers moving at a breakneck speed. Lovers of psychological horror will want to grab a copy.

Nothing to Get Nostalgic About

By Eddie Brophy

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Atmosphere Press

Pub date September 1, 2020

ISBN 978-1649218735

Price $11.59 (USD) Paperback, $6.98 Kindle edition

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