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The Kingsville Mysteries (Book 1-3) by Brian Blosser

Simply superb… A slice-of-life series.

Elegant and rooted in reality, Blosser’s utterly engrossing tales thrust realistic, likable characters into numerous surreal situations while raising deep philosophical questions about life. Set in 1964, the richly realized first installment takes readers on the Kegs’ family farm in bucolic little town of Kingsville, Saskatchewan as twelve-year-old Matty Keg struggles to deal with the guilt and grief over her father’s tragic death in a farming accident. The second installment sees eighteen-year-old Jamey Keg struggling to make a decision about his future. It is 1968. Jamey is a high school graduate now. While the world outside Kingsville seems tempting, Jamey doesn’t want to forgo his duties at the family farm. A treat for mystery readers who enjoy being kept in suspense, the third installment takes readers into Peter and Patricia Keg’s dilemma as ten-year-old Robbie disappears all of a sudden after appearing out of nowhere on the farm. With the Mounties suspecting Peter and Patricia, the childless couple finds themselves trapped in a dire situation. Marked with clarity and humanity, Blosser’s touch is light as he writes about life in the 1960s in a rural Saskatchewan town. The reflective, leisurely paced narrative reveals the characters’ personal struggles while focusing on the central mystery in each of the books. Blosser skillfully captures his protagonists’ perspective and personality; Matty can’t always convey her feelings, but readers will admire the way she tries to make the most of her situation. Filled with strong will and determination, the Kegs siblings overcome significant obstacles in order to bring their lives back on track after a family tragedy throws them in a whirlwind of grief and uncertainty. The siblings’ growth from the young, unsure children to reliable, mature individuals who can hold their own is both inspiring and authentic. The mystery at the heart of each story is well-executed and surprises readers with a connective web of interesting characters and motives. The narrative alternates between the Kegs family drama and the mysteries they repeatedly get entangled in. The vivid, intrigue-filled action unfolds slowly, propelled by the characters’ everyday goings-on. Besides addressing the subjects of death, grief, guilt, and trauma, Blosser underscores the power of integrity, duty, responsibility, perseverance, patience, empathy, and understanding while revealing the positive sides of close-knit family and friendship bonds. A dash of romance adds to the intrigue. Written with veteran assurance and brimming with fully fleshed-out characters, the series is as reflective as it is thrilling.  Blosser deserves a wide readership.

The Kingsville Mysteries (Book1-3)

By Brian Blosser

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