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The Firefly Collection: Lights Not Yet Dimmed by Jon Trovato

the firefly collection


Devotion, intensity, and passion mark this beautiful collection…

Love is the integral part of Jon Trovato’s The Firefly collection in which he details the feeling in its full glory in effortless and relatable verses and provokes tender feelings as he finds the meaning of life with all its wonder and happiness in love. The book is divided into four parts: Glimmerings, Enlightenment, Radiances, and Afterglows, and it’s love that dominates all four parts. In Addictive Thoughts, loving someone means to defy reason and probability. In Boundless Serenity, the essence of a lover is always present despite their physical absence. The ultimate physical, emotional, and spiritual bonding is the central theme in Established Together and Two Kindred Souls. In Will We Become, the lover wonders about the aftermath. There is a tenderness in Trovato’s poetry that goes straight to the heart. Vivid and deeply sentimental, Trovato duly conveys the powerful emotion of being in love. Though the overpowered love suffuses the collection, the feeling of devotion never becomes overly ubiquitous. Trovato writes with simple honesty and reveals himself fully through his poems. The reader can see him sitting there among his verses and revealing his feelings for his lover as he talks about the joys, the pains, and the pleasures of someone in love. While the feeling of being in love dominates the collection, it’s Trovato’s ability to lose himself fully in love that stands out in the end. It shows a poet who is not afraid to hide behind words. A beautiful collection!


The Firefly Collection: Lights Not Yet Dimmed

by Jon Trovato

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Pub Date January 16, 2019

ISBN 9781793061188

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