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Heart of the Storm (Moonless, #3) by Marie Howalt

Poignant, evocative, and thoroughly gripping…

Howalt offers a brilliant mix of exhilarating hope and grim reality in her thrilling conclusion in the Moonless trilogy. The residents of the small settlement of Siena have come a long way from facing the horrendous situations to becoming a part of a bustling community. But with the shifting political climate in Florence, the townsfolk in Siena are set to face new challenges. Howalt doesn’t shy away from pain and doom and tells her story in a crisp, clear prose, weaving in poignant emotions with much food for thought on memories, search for identity and life-path, individual struggles, and humanity’s ability to stand tall in the face of extreme circumstances. The smoothly-paced narrative flies by with a good mix of high-tension sequences and moving, character-driven beats. Howalt adeptly keeps the story together with a clear, propulsive plot while tying all the loose ends from the earlier books. Highly entertaining with surprising emotional depths, this series conclusion is just as much fun as the earlier two books. SF aficionados won’t want to miss this one.

Heart of the Storm

(Moonless, #3)

By Marie Howalt

Spaceboy Books LLC

Pub date September 25, 2021

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