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Monumental Moments by Joe R Eagleman

monumental moments

Briskly written, full of fascinating details …
Joe R Eagleman is a well-known academician and research scientist whose tornado simulation is used as a pattern for the fifty-foot high tornado model in the Twister building of Universal Studios in Orlando. Eagleman’s foray into the world of autobiography is nothing new: other than authoring several text books on atmospheric science which got adopted by several universities and publishing technical books, he has written his biography and a book of poetry as well in recent years. In Monumental Moments, Eagleman recalls tiny moments in his life that proved to be a turning point later. There are funny moments—from getting an imaginary spider in his pants as a first grader to an attempt at flying with the help of wooden boards. The moments that fostered strong work ethics and shaped him as an individual—working his way toward the purchase of his first bicycle as a young boy and his first car as a teenager to working on various jobs between his studies at college. Then there are moments that changed the course of his life—his decision to attend a far away high school that helped him prepare better for the college to his perusal of higher education instead of taking over the family farm. Though daily life is filled with largely forgettable experiences, there are moments that stay etched on one’s memory. It could be a moment of elevation that one remembers with gusto or a moment with smaller discernment that left an impact. Eagleman not only honors the bigger milestones—upshot of his clear-eyed, astute choices but also acknowledges the transitions that stemmed from various impetuous decisions earlier in his life. The book has a few chapters detailing Eagleman’s varied interests: he talks about his book of poetry, his country and Christian music albums, his hobbies of mounting animals and making guitars, his paintings, his knack for inventing various devices, and his fondness for travel among other. The book has a few illustrations and old pictures that hint at a timeless past giving the narration a shade of nostalgia. A technical author at heart, Eagleman tailors his narrative in an unassuming, clear-cut voice and makes his recountal seem both simple and extraordinary. The appeal of Monumental Moments lies in Eagleman’s ability to perceive an error as a gift and learn from his blunders. A beautiful book written by an extraordinary man!

Monumental Moments

by Joe R Eagleman

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PUB DATE April 7, 2019

ISBN 9781090703040

PRICE $8.95 (USD)

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