Romero Pools: A Story of Love by Alyssa Hall

Intelligent and emotionally powerful…

Hall creates an engrossing mystery around a woman’s search for answers into her fiancé’s mysterious disappearance. For twenty-three-year-old Marin, life came to a standstill three years ago when she and her fiancé met with a car crash.  Marin went into a coma after the crash and learned that the accident left Tyler dead. Struggling to find closure, Marin tries to search for Tyler’s family, but they have simply disappeared. A small hiking accident near Romero Pools brings Adam in her life and changes Marin’s life forever. Hall creates a memorable cast of characters – from the very determined Adam to the introspecting Marin, from the sensitive Sofia to the adorable Tyler, the characters will make you fall in love with them. Love, friendship, and mystery are central to this heartwarming story, but the most important journey is Marin’s, who is constantly struggling to find a balance between her personal and professional life while trying to come to terms with her traumatic past. Hall skillfully tracks Marin’s subtle mood shifts, allowing the reader into the head of a young woman struggling to find closure to a single incident that changed her life forever. There’s insight, emotion, a poignant depiction of individual struggles and human drama, and pleasure of getting to accompany two couples’ journey to love and fulfillment. But at its heart, it’s murder mystery: violence, bloodshed, murder, and drugs are at the center of an intriguing story as winding twists and shocking revelations propel the plot to a satisfying finale. Hall nicely evokes the suspense and romance elements to keep readers glued to the pages. A compulsively readable tale.

Romero Pools: A Story of Love

By Alyssa Hall


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Pub date November 26, 2021

ISBN 9781039131163

Price $31.99 (USD) Hardcover, $21.99 Paperback, $9.99 Kindle edition

Categories: Fiction, Mystery

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