Isle of Bones: A Nightworld Story (Children of the Night Book 2) by Zan Safra

Complex, sophisticated… A page-turner.

Ayanda Draculesti and her friends’ quests to save Venice from a new menace propel the action in Safra’s fascinating second installment in the Children of the Night series. Sixteen-year-old Unnatural Ayanda Draculesti has barely begun to heal from the trauma of her past when a new danger in the form of a group of menacing creatures approaches the city of Venice. Robbing Ayanda of her vampire powers, the vicious creatures upturn the lives of Yurei, Jette, and Belle. The group must brace themselves for a violent face-off. Safra’s meticulous attention to setting and character is clearly on display here: from the opening page, readers will find themselves entangled in Ayanda, Yurei, Jette, and Belle’s individual and shared stories. The storyline is intense and so are Safra’s explorations into her protagonists’ inner turmoil. The action kicks off right from the beginning, while the healthy doses of action, dark intrigue, individual angst, and emotional epiphany keep the reader invested. Ayanda and others’ this excursion into the unnatural realms will leave readers hungry for more. A winner.

Isle of Bones

A Nightworld Story (Children of the Night Book 2)

By Zan Safra

Quirky Crow Books

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Pub date December 31, 2021


Price $3.16 (USD) Kindle edition

Categories: Fantasy, Paranormal/Supernatural

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