Standing Against The Wind (A Dying Truth Exposed, Book Two) by Marcus Abston

Completely immersive and utterly alive…

Set in 19th Century America, Abston’s second installment in the A Dying Truth Exposed series delivers an intricate and authentic rendering of one woman’s journey to love and fulfillment. Annabelle has escaped into Indian Territory after fleeing from her cruel slave masters in Mercy, Missouri. But the protection of her rescuer’s Cherokee family is limited mostly to her new home. The small town is divided by racial and class disparity, and there are people who would rather not see a Black slave accepted as a Cherokee no matter the circumstances. Trying to find acceptance within the community, Annabelle begins to learns the Cherokee ways and history while seeking guidance from an elder to heal from the traumas of the past. But with Indian Agents at her trail, she needs to tread carefully or risk losing her freedom once again. Abston clearly has done considerable homework when it comes to incorporating historical detail of the era into the affecting narrative and it shows: his rendering of the Cherokee community is rooted in reality and so is the portrayal of people’s attitude toward slavery, Black people in general, and interracial marriage between Native Americans and Black population. His portrayal of the wild west prairie lands of Oklahoma and its inhabitants, from people’s way of living to questions of faith and spirituality, rings with authenticity. While Annabelle as the lead protagonist is a sympathetic and gentle woman, she is also headstrong and determined, not afraid of speaking her mind or taking a stand for the right. Grace shines through and through, and John is a complete darling. Religion and spirituality stay at the heart of the novel. Blending fact and fiction together, the book probes racial and class disparity of the era, including the stereotyping of Native Americans, the dispossession and conquest of Black people as slaves, and gender discrimination among others, and Abston does it through his characters’ actions, reflections, and interpersonal dynamic. Themes of family ties, friendship, solidity, bravery, trust, and betrayal are woven naturally into the narrative and serve to enhance the balanced, poignant story. Annabelle’s journey of losing her family and home to finding love and happiness again unfolds at a measured pace, with the final chapters winding down Annabelle’s story nicely. Engrossing and entertaining, the story builds to a heartening, cliffhanger finale, making readers anxious for the next installment. Strongly delineated characters and a vivid historical backdrop make it a must-read for lovers of historical dramas.

Standing Against The Wind

(A Dying Truth Exposed, Book Two)

By Marcus Abston

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Pub date October 9, 2021


Price $0.00 (USD) Kindle edition, $14.99 Paperback

Categories: Historical fiction

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