Seven Players: (Seven Players Trilogy, Book 1) by Adam Wodyk

A thrilling, white-knuckle ride…

A heady blend of action and SF intrigue swirls together in Wodyk’s deeply engrossing debut installment in the Seven Players Trilogy. As an actor in Emperial, the largest of the Seven Metropolises, Max Stranger is supposed to put his mind to sleep during his performance. But as the star of Seven Players: Season 1, a post-apocalyptic serial set in a ravaged wilderness inhabited by mutated creatures, Max knows he needs his mind more than ever or risk facing death. Wodyk’s writing is crisp, characterization authentic, and plot twists relentless. The brilliantly imagined, dark dystopian world, where mutants laced with AI and telepathic weapons manipulate the remaining population, making them mere puppets for the entertainment of masses of the Emperial, is sharply realized. Expertly paced and executed, the novel occasionally veers into science fiction horror territory with plenty of scares. Shrewd plotting and relevant philosophical concerns keep the readers engrossed. Wodyk is an author to watch.

Seven Players

(Seven Players Trilogy, Book 1)

By Adam Wodyk

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Pub date  January 19, 2022


Price $1.99 (USD) Kindle edition

Categories: Science Fiction

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