On the Move: From the Cave to the Penthouse: A History of Human Migration by Heiner Thiessen

Lucid, insightful, and well-constructed…

Thiessen documents human migration throughout the ages while delving into its socio-political impact on civilizations in his latest, a collection of essays. Using sharp analytic insight, he explores the dynamics of migration and social and economic interaction that changed the world over the course of centuries. The book’s vivid narrative covers initial human migration from the caves of East Africa to new pastures much further north; from Eastern Siberia across the narrow Bering Land Bridge to a new continental land mass entirely; from Mesopotamia to Egypt, and other vast lands across the world. Thiessen, who grew up in a family of refugees at the end of WW2, understands that migration, though, results in newly emerging, prospering civilizations, it also destroys original structures, leading to fragmentation and parallel societies. In putting his point forward, Thiessen brings the whole of world history together while holding out slim hope for a peaceful, tolerant, and sustainable world for the generations to come. This is a significant contribution to a long-standing debate about the role of migration in destruction of the ancient world order.

On the Move: From the Cave to the Penthouse

A History of Human Migration

By Heiner Thiessen

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Pub date September 12, 2021


Price $40.85 (USD) Paperback

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