The Proxima Plague by Robert Thornton

Well-constructed and tightly-wound…

Thornton’s latest features a winning mix of medical intrigue and suspense. Hope Allerd, Chief of the Infectious Diseases Division in the Department of Internal Medicine, is back, and this time she encounters her most lethal opponents yet: a series of near supernatural creatures that arise from an incurable viral disease. With populations across cities succumbing to the outbreak, Hope must trace the source of the infection and destroy it before the entire planet gets engulfed in the pandemic. Thornton impressively incorporates complex topics of infectious disease control along with the science of viruses and vaccinations without slowing down the action or complicating narrative. His writing skills are impressive as he explores universal themes of racism and sexism without sacrificing characterization. He adeptly handles his varied cast of characters, injecting them with both emotional depth and credibility. The potent mix of medical intrigue, high tension, and intricate worldbuilding keeps the narrative drive strong. The book has all the elements of a hard-boiled SF thriller as well as the intrigues of a deeply absorbing medical mystery. Impossible to put down.

The Proxima Plague

By Robert Thornton

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Pub date October 8, 2021

ISBN 9798491897872

Price $10.50 (USD) Paperback, $3.02 Kindle edition

Categories: Science Fiction

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