Shadow of the Jade Cat: A Tale From the City of Magic by Susan Ann Walker

Simply un-put-downable…

Walker’s highly entertaining latest finds seasoned warrior Cayden trying to adjust to his new position in a city which is rocked by brutal serial killings. Cayden is back in Torrenbeck, the City of Magic, and trying to get used to his new job as bodyguard/assistant to the Master Mage, Lord Bastian. But when a mysterious serial killer strikes, bringing chaos in her wake, Cayden knows he must use all his experience if he wants to track the killer. Bastian’s no-nonsense, brusque personality is just about right for a cunning Master Mage overseeing all of Torrenbeck. Cayden is endearing, with his seemingly easy-going demeanor. The reader will enjoy the cozy friendships between different characters, the backdrop of a medieval, magic-ruled society, the intriguing themes of enduring bonds, duty, integrity, greed, and revenge, and skillful integration of supernatural and mystery elements into the fast-paced narrative. A solid tale that proves Walker’s forte as a veteran fantasy author and will immensely please fans of paranormal mysteries.

Shadow of the Jade Cat

A Tale From the City of Magic

By Susan Ann Walker

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Pub date Nov. 23 2019

ISBN 978-1710724745

Price $5.99 (USD) Paperback, $4.24 Kindle edition

Categories: Fantasy

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