North of Highway 8: A Novel by Jacob R. Gardner

A novel of sharp insights and plenty of page-turning emotional drama… Mesmerizing.

Gardner makes his foray into fiction with this poignant tale of identity and self-discovery.  Matthew Harris has worked hard to achieve success as a Public Relation consultant. When a high-profile job opportunity comes his way, requiring him to relocate to his humble rural roots, Matthew accepts it despite his initial reluctance, unaware his life will never be the same. Gardner is excellent when it comes to tracking his characters’ subtle shifts in moods, and his assured storytelling allows readers into the head of a young man struggling to find a balance between his personal and professional values and goals. He precisely conveys everything that’s going on below the surface; there’s insight and emotion here along with the pleasure of getting to accompany one man on his journey to self-discovery and fulfillment. Gardner weaves in some small-town intrigue and enough human drama to keep readers glued to the pages. At its heart, this is a poignant story of self-discovery, what it means to be in sync with one’s inner self, and the power of connection. Undeniably enthralling. Read it.

North of Highway 8: A Novel

By Jacob R. Gardner

Coming soon

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