Ablaze – Ten Years That Shook The World by Peter Rowe

An illuminating study of the past… Highly readable.

Rowe’s latest is an engaging, relevant work that delves into the history of the world during the crazy, sweltering mash-up of action and change that was the decade covering years of 1965-75. Rowe approaches the story chronologically, beginning on the 1st of January of 1965 and ending it on 31st of December of 1975. The volatile ten-year period consists of revolutionary wars, movements, coups, and attempted overthrows, erupting in vast terrain across the word, from Greece, Guatemala, and Chile to Uganda, Dominican Republic, and Québec. Rowe discusses the new ideas in music, journalism, art, aviation, drugs, education, and architecture. There are famous revolutionaries (Che Guevara), literary figures, Hollywood biggies, such as Warren Beatty, journalists like John Reed, and researchers and scientists who changed the world with their ideas. Movements like Black Power, Gay Liberation, the students’ and women’s grouping, the counterculture initiated and gained momentum. Rowe skillfully examines how the years 1965-75 were more revolutionary in America than the original revolutionary period of American history (1765-1783) and how the younger generation made a huge impact in bringing a change around the world during that period: there was more violence and bloodshed than the Revolutionary Era; progressive movements working to liberalize education succeeded in bringing change; younger generation was fervently involved in battles over the length of hair and liberalizing archaic laws; discrimination based on race and class became illegal; abortion was legalized, and homosexual acts were decriminalized. Rowe offers an extensive yet sharply probing overview of the decade, reaching across social, political, and geological globes to draw an eloquent portrait of a world on the brink of major change. This is a revealing, well-documented narrative that explores all the layers of a past gone by. Highly recommended.

Ablaze – Ten Years That Shook the World

By Peter Rowe

Coming soon

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