Lines Through a Prism by Bob Siqveland

Thoughtful, endearing, and greatly entertaining…

Siqveland’s latest is a darkly absorbing mystery, featuring 74-year-old ex-assassin for a black-ops government sub-agency. When a whimsical notion takes “Woody” Woodward to Jekyll Island on the east coast of Georgia, he has nothing but a fresh beginning in mind. But Woody soon gets entangled into an international sex trafficking ring. This is a mystery, but Siqveland spends plenty of time probing the troubled inner lives of his characters, making it more attractive to sophisticated readers of general fiction. The novel is sure-footed, the central mystery structured tightly, and the characters richly drawn, particularly Woody, with his unique way of looking at the world around him, and when it comes to crime-solving, he is thoroughly adept. Told from Woody’s perspective, the story unravels at a measured pace, with high tension in the back. Siqveland never loses control of his tight plot or his ability to integrate archetypal human concerns, such as life, love, marriage, relationships, memories, regrets, emotions, and friendship into the measured narrative. This literary mystery offers both thrills and sharp insights into human behavior.

Lines Through a Prism

By Bob Siqveland

Outskirts Press

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Pub date September 14, 2021

ISBN 978-1977246677

Price $19.95 (USD) Paperback, $7.18 Kindle edition

Categories: Mystery

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