Circles, Lines, and Squiggles by W Nikola-Lisa

Wholly engaging and thoroughly entertaining… A hefty guide to astrological charts.

Nikola-Lisa’s latest is an enjoyable, behind-the scenes look at the fascinating world of astrology. The narrative is a mix of the author’s personal anecdotes, his lively conversations with Castor and Pollux, the Gemini twins and his associates on his mission to understand an old astrological chart he had constructed for himself in the 1980s, his consultant Loren’s (fictional) informative astrological insights, and manifestations pertaining to astrology in general. Nikola-Lisa, a double Gemini with Mercury and Mars in the first house, delves into a variety of topics, such as the four angles of the natal chart, different historical systems of house division (by elements, quadrants, and hemispheres), houses and their areas of influences, planets and their areas of influences, the pervasive nature of the four elements, major and minor planetary aspects and aspect patterns, Jungian Context, the “meaningful coincidence”—between celestial events and human experience, positive versus negative signs and their relation to four elements, ruling planets, modality, and polarity. For Nikola-Lisa ”astrology, like life, isn’t an exact science: astrologers vary in their opinions like the rest of us.” Stressing that despite the seed-pattern at the time of the birth defining an individual’s destiny, it’s up to a person to take hold of their fate and make it manifest in the world. Footnotes at the end of its respective chapter not only reveal its source, but also the added commentary that is sprinkled throughout. Reader’s guide at the end of the book helps the reader make sense of the author’s multi-layered, kaleidoscopic endeavor. Readers new to the topic will appreciate the exploration grounded in the history and mechanics of astrological systems while those already familiar with the subject will find it extremely informative.

Circles, Lines, and Squiggles

By W Nikola-Lisa

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Pub date October 12, 2021

ISBN 9781734192360

Price $15.99 (USD) Paperback

Categories: Non Fiction

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