Jacky the Brave by Jim Sellers

Gentle and raw at once… A fresh take on middle school and adolescent drama.

A young boy struggles to navigate his middle school years in this beautiful story of survival, perseverance, and hope by Sellers. Jacky’s life has been easy. But when he enters middle school, responsibility suddenly piles up. His mother’s illness is taking a toll on his psyche, and the increasing pressure of school is making it impossible for him to juggle his duties. With his closest friends drifting away and distance between him and his father gradually increasing, Jacky knows he must do something if he wants to bring his life back on track. Sellers’s knack for navigating typical childhood predicaments such as interpersonal tensions including parents and friends, loss, insecurities, fears, self-doubts, and budding desire keeps the plot at a boil. Jacky, with his endearing humidity makes for a memorable protagonist. The secondary characters are equally compelling. Sellers skillfully balances adolescent drama with family dynamics, breathing life into Jacky’s coming-of-age journey. He beautifully portrays Jacky’s anxiety and relentless inner turmoil. Through Jacky, Sellers not only tackles the complications of standing up for yourself without losing your integrity but also delves into themes of family, friendship, resilience, and strength of character. Shaped like a contemporary coming-of-age story, the novel celebrates love in its different forms: from families gradually closing years of distance to friends sticking together despite the circumstances. Beautifully written and thoroughly entertaining, the novel makes for a page-turner. Lovers of YA will be gratified.

Jacky the Brave

By Jim Sellers

Buy now

General Store Publishing House

ISBN 978-1771230537

Pub date  November 15, 2013

Price $20.00 9USD) Paperback

Categories: Middle Grade

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