Blind Man’s Labyrinth by Daryl Potter

A blazing story of survival, perseverance, and kinship…

Set near the end of the Maccabean period in Israel, Potter’s follow up to critically acclaimed Keziah’s Song paints a rousing portrait of a young boy struggling to stay alive amidst the raging civil war. 92 BCE. Northern Israel is being torn apart by the Jewish civil war while servants of the goddess Ashtaroth are abducting unwary refugees in the south. Raised by a widow mother who hates him for his lineage and a kind old scribe, eleven-year-old Haim leaves home only to find disdain, contempt, hunger, and struggle for survival in a world engulfed in chaos of war. When he meets nine-year-old Chaya, the two forms a close bond of friendship. But as social outcasts, the pair is little prepared for what lies ahead. The pace picks up and tension rises after Haim meets Chaya and they begin their journey together. Potter’s lyrical, lovely prose gives life to the rugged terrains of 92 BCE’s Israel as well as to Haim and Chaya’s sensitivities during a long span of endurance and profound emotion. There are several menacing moments, with Potters’ clever plotting laying the groundwork for an exhilarating, heart wrenching ending. The novel’s long arc reaches far beyond Haim’s journey to faraway lands to escape the raging war: it also delves into the questions of survival, mortality, family, friendship, identity, meaning, and self-discovery. Haim and Chaya’s journey as social outcasts is heart wrenching, and their story rooted in reality. Vividly evocative and steeped in Israel folkways, the novel will keep the reader thinking long after they turn the last page.

Blind Man’s Labyrinth

By Daryl Potter

Paper Stone Press

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Pub date September 6, 2021                                              

ISBN 978-1777307394

Price $12.95 (USD) Paperback, $23.95 Hardcover, $3.93 Kindle edition

Categories: Historical fiction

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