Minor Corruption (Marc Edwards Mystery #10) by Don Gutteridge

A multilayered mystery lavishly studded with period details… An absolute page-turner.

Gutteridge’s tenth outing in the Marc Edwards Mystery series features a tragic death of a teen girl and social scandal in Toronto in 1839. After an illegal abortion goes tragically wrong, leaving 15-year-old Betsy Thurgood dead, the distinguished Baldwin family of Toronto finds themselves in the middle of a scandal that has political implications for the union of two British colonies, Ontario and Quebec. Burton Thurgood, Betsy’s father, is determined to get one of the Baldwins tried for his daughter’s rape. It’s up to Marc Edwards to find the truth. Gutteridge not only excels at characterization but also in concocting plausible, fast-moving twists, keeping the reader thoroughly invested. Dora’s resilient, no-holds-barred personality holds a prickly charm. Mark is thorough in his investigation, and the mystery he confronts is strong, with Gutteridge weaving emotional depth and local political issues into the plot. He also provides plenty of social commentary, revealing the deep-rooted bigotry and gender discrimination while delving into universal themes of strength of character, trauma, grief, familial relationships, and sibling bond. The pace is leisurely, the local color and historical detail outstanding, and Mark’s investigation and its ultimate destination are gripping. Sensitive and beautifully written, this traditional mystery will keep readers guessing until the very end—all while falling in love with the intriguing cast. Readers of finely constructed classic mysteries and cozy ll each find something to draw them in.

Minor Corruption

(Marc Edwards Mystery #10)

By Don Gutteridge

Tablo Pty Ltd

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Pub date August 26, 2021

ISBN 978-1649699329

Price $3.76 (USD) Paperback, $26.06 Paperback

Categories: Mystery

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