The Great Cyprus Think Tank by Larry Lockridge

A whip-smart take on socio-political upheaval, individual struggles, and love…

Set in the not-so-distant future, Lockridge’s humorous latest human drama, crossed with sharp political satire, makes for a compelling tale of literary fiction. Bart Beasley, the dejected Canadian author of cultural memoirs, has always yearned to go back to Cyprus, the island nation where he spent his youth. With the country in the middle of political chaos, the rising sea levels threatening hatcheries of its famed sea turtles, and the slaughter of the migratory songbirds sending them to the brink of extinction, Bart takes an initiative and forms a think tank of renowned but flawed experts, including a zoologist, a nutritionist, a meteorologist, a neurologist, and an archeologist to tackle the crises badly besetting the island, unaware of the strange turn of events awaiting them ahead. Told in crisp, witty prose, Lockridge offers a counterpoint to his narrator’s turbulent wanderings with the expert portrait of a society enveloped in socio-political turmoil. The narrative bursts with imaginative, richly detailed depictions of a nation in the middle of dirty political maneuvers of two opposing powers, looming environmental catastrophes, and how communal policing warps life for those fighting to bring a change. There is romance and love triangles, human drama, individual struggles, climate and wildlife concerns, daring escapades, and life-and-death situations. And though the story is dismissive of conventional notions of plot (at times, it barely feels like fiction), Lockridge’s spare style and narrative poise make for a thought-provoking tale, full of both weird and wacky and psychological substance. Paired with Marcia Scanlon’s irresistible renderings of a group of misfit geniuses, the result is impossible to fault. A fine piece of literary work.

The Great Cyprus Think Tank

By Larry Lockridge (Author), Marcia Scanlon (Illustrator)

Iguana Books

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Pub date October 4, 2021

ISBN 978-1771804967

Price $6.41 (USD) Kindle edition, $28.99 Hardcover $15.99 Paperback

Categories: Fiction

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