Onward, At Last…: A tome on behalf of our progeny by Kevin V Howard

A provocative, fascinating read…

Howard discusses the roots of America’s socio-political, economic, and spiritual challenges, offering the many ways people can move forward in his debut. Divided into four parts, the book explores the concept of universal oneness while illuminating humanity’s innate interdependence. Howard also discusses our way to move forward along with a vision for the post-pandemic world. Looking at the loosely connected set of ideas and fundamental American values along with the socio-political, economic, and spiritual changes that have driven the mindset of the masses for years and have created a society of scarcity and division, Howard argues that the values that shape a person’s choices are instilled in them through the relentlessly repetitious expressions of their native culture. With the American values of independence and self-interest becoming too significant in today’s world of advancement and technology, egomania is gaining importance at a warp speed. The American value of independence that was once a preoccupation of masses, generating a sense of identity and belongingness, has attracted greed and self-interest in recent years and has poisoned the national discourse. Howard deplores the rise of market capitalism, which when applied to society as a whole devolved into scarcity and division. Stressing the importance of oneness, Howard argues that all people, despite their class or race, are innately connected, and to realize their full potential, they have no option but to acknowledge the fact that as humans, we all are interconnected. To move ahead, we must acknowledge the principles of oneness and interdependence. He envisions a world in which the measure of a person’s success is not their financial standing but the contribution to humanity as a whole. He stresses the importance of creating a sustainable society, with collective fulfillment at its core, And in doing so, he completely dismisses the individual wealth, which according to him does nothing but feeds inequality and inhumanity in the world. The result is a wonderfully sensible slender read (around 100 pages) that provides profound insights. The chapters are short, some typically no longer than a few pages, and the book can be read in any order. Written in simple, accessible prose, the book is deliberately approachable, making it a quick read. Howard delivers a handbook for an age in which egomania and self-interest are rapidly dissolving basic humility and morphing into autocracy at a dangerous speed. Readers looking for insightful commentary on social justice and fragility of democracy will be rewarded.

Onward, At Last…: A tome on behalf of our progeny

By Kevin V Howard

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Pub date July 18, 2017

ISBN 978-1548990275

Price $5.95 (USD) Paperback

Categories: Non Fiction

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