Flight Time by Darcy Flynn

Exciting and alluring… A page-turning time-travel tale.

Equal parts whimsical and adventure-packed, Flynn’s latest will entrance readers with its expert combination of SF, history, and intrigue. Sixteen-year-old Rylee Dean has grown up hearing about her grandfather Jaxon C. Scott’s stories. She has inherited her grandfather’s love of flying and is on her way to fly her first solo flight. But a strange incident throws Rylee into the past, bringing her face to face with her long-lost grandfather. Only he is a young man working as a test pilot for the US Air Force. Rylee knows she is the one who can save her grandfather’s life. But changing the past means the future will disappear, making Rylee’s existence vanish as well. The stakes rise when the Air Force spots several major anomalies around the base. Will Rylee be able to save her grandfather’s life and go back to her own time? The novel is heavy both on tender emotions and plot development, and at the same time, it features relentless action, light romance, and plenty of surprising twists. The basic concept of the book—following Rylee through her hassled trip in the past, trying to save Jax’s life while looking for a way back in her future—helps the story move along swiftly. Readers are plunged right in the middle of the action from the first page, and from there, the story unfolds at a measured pace as Rylee hops into the past. The action accelerates further, with Rylee trying to thwart Sylvia’s plan, drawing the readers in. Rylee’s journey will entrance readers and have them rooting for the young, headstrong teen as she forges new friendships while getting to know her grandfather and great-grandmother. Doris is an absolute darling. The characterizations of Jax as a charming, sympathetic young man and Liam as a tech-savvy genius add to the pull of the narrative, as does the blend of quantum physics, aerospace technology, and SF elements, with credibly developed plot twists. The cultural details about non-existent digital life in 1981 are well-depicted and realistic. A surprise ending brings the story to a satisfying close. Individual struggles, teenage drama, love, family, relationship, and romance abound, and themes of perseverance, determination, memories, understanding, and compassion are woven nicely into the story. Flynn hits all the buttons sure to entice time travel readers, deftly weaving elements of science fiction into an enduring tale of love, loss, and memory. Readers will be enthralled.

Flight Time

By Darcy Flynn

Paper Moon Publishing

Buy now

Pub date September 30, 2021

ISBN 978-1941925232

Price $12.99 (USD) Paperback, $3.99 Kindle edition

Categories: Science Fiction

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