The King of Minear’s Son by R.J. Passer

An entirely fresh and addicting medieval fantasy…

Passer merges myth, magic, adventure, and dark intrigue in her debut, a tale of one young man’s quest to shape his own identity in a forever shifting world of political alienations. Prince Taelor Perrel has always struggled with the trauma of his mother’s early death and his father’s high expectations. Believing himself to be an only son, he does his best to fulfill his father’s wishes, but when he meets his half-sister, Alene, Taelor immediately forms a strong bond with the latter. But King Naelor, fearing for the future of the Pevrel dynasty, tries to assassinate his bastard daughter, unaware his single act is going to change the lives of both his children. Passer’s imaginative spin on the mythical fantasy is both audacious and fully realized, and her world of magic, mayhem, struggle for power, and greed feels natural. Once the introductions are over, the narrative trot along at a good pace, dashing off dangerous outlaws and scary witches and exploring faraway lands, with regular doses of dark comic relief. The classic themes of love, family bonds, bravery, duty, responsibility, guilt, regret, redemption, and destiny add an intriguing twist. Passer’s storytelling is engrossing, and her deeply sympathetic protagonists are fully fleshed-out: besides the conflicted, striving Taelor, who’s trying to forge his own identity, there’s the cheeky Lance, who’s more than just the comic relief, Leygon, Taelor’s fiercely loyal servant, who can go to any length to serve his master. Taelor’s relationships with Jaylinn, Alene, and other characters are engaging. Passer’s depth of imagination and worldbuilding are impressive: she navigates a multilayered medieval society of daring outlaws, scary phantoms, insane witches, looming prophecies, and shrewd political alliances. She offers a traditional view of magic, where good constantly locks horns with evil and bonds between the family and best friends are frequently tested. The questions get bigger as Taelor struggles to figure out his place in the system of duty and justice. The pace remains steady, and the various plotlines converge beautifully toward the ending, tying up all the loose threads. Passer succeeds in telling a compelling story while raising questions about morality, integrity, and salvation in a complicated world. A fast-paced, wholly entertaining novel that combines high emotional stakes with a deep, good-natured sense of humor. Fans of both YA and adult medieval fantasy will thoroughly enjoy this engrossing tale of love, family, and adventure.

The King of Minear’s

By R.J. Passer

TouchPoint Press

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Pub date July 13, 2020

ISBN 978-1952816031

Price $14.99 (USD) Paperback, $4.32 Kindle edition

Categories: Fantasy

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