In the House of Night (A Martin Preuss Mystery Book 7) by Donald Levin


Levin’s seventh in A Martin Preuss Mystery series offers thrills of an immaculately crafted mystery and sharp insights into human behavior. When the history professor Charlie Bright is found murdered brutally in his own home, the police rule it as a case of domestic violence. PI Martin Preuss has no intention to get entangled into an ongoing police investigation, but on the insistence of the victim’s friends, he agrees to look into the matter, unaware the twisting trail will lead him to a shocking truth. Levin reveals a deeper strength in the introspective Preuss, who knows how to appreciate the smaller delights that life has to offer. Angie’s excruciating struggles, Toby’s heartfelt obliviousness to the usual harsh ways of the world, unexpected plot twists, and plenty of human drama that keeps the reader deeply invested, all add up to an outstanding read. Themes of human strength, regret, guilt, and redemption play out nicely in the main story arc, as Preuss, Manny, and Angie navigate their individual burdens. Levin deserves a wide readership.

In the House of Night

(A Martin Preuss Mystery Book 7)

By Donald Levin

Poison Toe Press

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Pub date September 17., 2020

ISBN ‎ 978-0997294170

Price $18.95 (USD) Paperback, $4.97 Kindle edition

Categories: Mystery

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