Xonarye: Australia by S.H.S.

An intriguing SF read…

S.H.S. kicks start his SF series with this fascinating installment, taking readers on a young man’s journey to a mystical land. Leaf Brodie, nineteen-year-old country lad, is content to begin his building apprenticeship with the local builder in town. But when he discovers a mysterious box hidden in a bathroom wall, he has no idea his life is about to change forever. A mysterious artifact and an accompanied letter inside the box send Leaf on an exhilarating journey, with sinister forces on his trail. Readers do not get to visit Xonarye, but S.H.S. beautifully brings the mystical land to life: as the plot unfolds, readers learn Xonarye’s back story—including insights about its origin, language, culture, currency, and the pandemic that wiped out almost all of the population, bringing destruction in its wake. The novel is heavy on exposition and plot development for the next in the series but still features plenty of action and a few satisfying surprises. The antagonists are mentioned only in passing, with the Reblick folks staying in shadows. Leaf is sweet and straightforward. So are Summo and Spence. Frank remains intriguing throughout. The book’s straightforward plot is driven by Leaf and his friends’ search for truth as they begin to look into the possibility of Xonarye being a real land. While most of the story revolves around Leaf and the group getting ready for the next leg of their journey, the cliffhanger conclusion introduces new characters, making readers anxious for the next installment. Full of twists, turns, and intrigue, this engrossing SF tale makes for a quick read.

Xonarye: Australia

By S.H.S.

Xlibris AU

Buy now

Pub date June 11, 2021

ISBN 978-1984506191

Price $24.99 (USD) Hardcover, $11.99 Paperback, $5.54 Kindle edition

Categories: Science Fiction

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