The Well of Life (Falling Sky Book 2) by E. T. Ellison

Brisk, propulsive, and entertaining throughout…

Ellison has outdone himself in this spectacular second installment of his Falling Sky series, which pits the plucky, oblivious Glix Larue against a horde of dangerous enemies. While Hallah is on the brink of destruction, the injured Glix Larue is struggling to escape her dreary existence in the help fairy grottoes. When an opportunity for escape arises, Glix is more than happy to take the chance, unaware a dark, poisonous pit of pain, the Well of Life, is awaiting to take her prisoner. Ellison is a skilled worldbuilder, and he pays attention to details, enriching the story: his imagined world of Hallah is thoroughly realized, and he skillfully invokes the menacing atmosphere of the grottoes. He seeds his story with thoughtful notes on perseverance, strength, and hope. Original and off-kilter, this is not a regular humorous SF novel with a touch of fantasy around the edges: at its heart, it is a deep exploration of humanity’s resilience in the face of extreme circumstances. This zany romp will leave readers unbalanced until the final page. 

The Well of Life

(Falling Sky Book 2)

By E. T. Ellison

Clownbox Press

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Pub date May 6, 2020


Price $4.27 (USD) Kindle edition

Categories: Science Fiction

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