Mother’s Bones by Dan Bilodeau

Compelling, dark, and bound to please the legion of mystery fans, this is a crime thriller done right…

Bilodeau narrates a darkly engrossing tale of a man who revisits his hometown of Temiskaming in Ontario to investigate his mother’s mysterious disappearance thirty years earlier. It’s been thirty years since Dale Chabot left his hometown under a cloud of shame and tragedy. But when his sister, Mandy, calls him about a stranger’s murder, who knew about their missing mother’s burial place, Dale knows he must leave everything behind and look for answers to his mother’s three decades old, out-of-character disappearance. But his return triggers a catastrophic series of violent events, leading him along a dark path of drug abuse, human trafficking, and police corruption spanning three decades. There’s a lot going on in this page-turner, and none of it pretty. Dale’s past is nightmarish and the future uncertain. Bilodeau vividly describes the tension Dale, Mandy, and Tom feel that the reader stays tense, too, as the narrative moves forwards. Carefully constructed, both the setting and the characters come alive in readers’ minds. Equally compelling is the plot as Dale embarks on a dangerous journey in his search of truth. Bilodeau maintains a tone of looming darkness throughout the book, of something creepy lingering in the background, keeping readers glued to the pages all the way to the heartbreaking and yet satisfying conclusion. Lovers of sophisticated crime dramas will hate to miss this one. Bilodeau is a dazzling new talent in the literary crime scene.

Mother’s Bones

By Dan Bilodeau

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Pub date June 29, 2021

ISBN 979-8739246820

Price $17.46 (USD) Paperback, $3.99 Kindle edition

Categories: Mystery

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