A Kind of Hush by JoDee Neathery

A disturbing and yet heartening stunner about family, acceptance, and understanding…

Neathery tackles themes of family dynamics, relationships, guilt, and trauma in her deeply poignant, engrossing mystery, which tells the story of a young family struggling with the death of loved ones. Trying to get over a past heartbreak, the Mackies come face to face with another tragedy when a family outing turns deadly, leaving one parent dead. But no one knows what exactly happened at the time of the accident. Will the truth come to surface or remain hidden? Neathery’s writing is authoritative, dialogue sharp and the novel’s pace measured. Intelligent, crisp prose pulls the reader deep into the intriguing storyline. Though police investigation makes up the major portion of the narrative, this is a story with psychological meat, what it means to be a family, and how there is a grey area between right and wrong and personal perspective affects the choices one make. This expert examination of enduring relationships, love, guilt, regret, acceptance, and forgiveness will delight the morally serious lovers of literary crime fiction.

A Kind of Hush

By JoDee Neathery

Imagery Lit

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Pub date July 1, 2021

ISBN 9781737392002

Price $17.95 (USD) Paperback, $27.71 Hardcover, $7.89 KIndle edition

Categories: Mystery

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