THE CENTER OF GRAVITY by Patricia Brandon

A simply riveting read from cover to cover…

Brandon’s latest is a compelling work lit by powerful imagery, character, and setting. It is 1933. Struggling to make ends meet after her father’s forced confinement by the Reich military police in Berlin, the young and naive Sonne Becker finds herself becoming one of food taster for Hitler at Wolf’s Lair. Rainer von Bauchelle, an art historian from France, ends up in Russia against his wish. As their paths converge, they try to find an escape, unaware of the twist of fate lying ahead. Set against the backdrop of the early days of Hitler’s chancellorship to the destructive consequences of the Second World War and beyond, the novel focuses on the inner lives and challenges of a common man. Brandon keeps the reader off guard and guessing, and traces Rainer and Sonne’s individual and shared stories with sensitivity and emotional clarity. The riveting finale is both utterly shocking and satisfying. Fully-fleshed, compassionate, and fascinating, this is a cerebral, complex novel detailing harrowing account of two lives torn apart by the Nazi Regime. Brandon is a writer to watch.


By Patricia Brandon

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Pub date May 22, 2019

ISBN 978-1513649092

Price $11.99 (USD) Paperback, $3.42 Kindle edition

Categories: Historical fiction

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