Words Kill by David Myles Robinson

An impressive literary mystery that’s as entertaining as it is thoughtful… A triumph.

A young man’s investigation into his dead father’s past unearths some surprising revelations in Robinson’s stunning latest. It’s after the death of his father, famous reporter Russell Blaze, that Cody Blaze finds the latter’s unfinished memoir. As Cody begins to read the journal, each snippet he gleans leads him deeper into a complex maze. Cody must piece together the clues if he wants to unravel his father’s killer. Robinson knows how to evoke overwhelming pain and grief and gives his characters complex lives, rendered in well-crafted prose. He is excellent when it comes to structuring a plot with plenty of satisfying twists. The investigation and its ultimate destination are thoroughly gripping, and the final twist will surprise even eagle-eyed readers. However, the mystery is peripheral to the poignant exploration of love, loss, hate, trauma, violence, and racial disparity. At its core, the novel examines the questions of what lies beneath one’s best intentions and worst impulses. Beautifully written, dark, and propulsive, the book makes for a standout.

Words Kill

By David Myles Robinson

Terra Nova Books

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Pub date June 15, 2021

ISBN 978-1948749800

Price $21.55 (USD) Paperback, $7.95 Kindle edition

Categories: Mystery

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