The Guardian Of Magic by Andrew Sharp

An intricate, consuming, and unsettling dark fantasy…

Deeply engrossing and poignant, Sharp’s debut takes the reader on an action-packed journey into a fantastical world full of powerful magic, grave dangers, and frightening monsters. In a world when everyone possesses some sort of magic, Beth is the rare exception: she’s eighteen and hasn’t shown any tendency for magic so far. When she’s locked up for a theft she didn’t commit, her parents are quick to break ties with her. When Valentina, the ruthless, influential Mistress of Castle Worthmere, offers Beth a chance at freedom, the latter has no qualms accepting the offer. But Valentina has her own sinister agenda and to survive, Beth must learn to fight and unravel ancient secrets. Sharp is excellent when it comes to page-turning intrigue, and his well-developed, solid characters are incredibly real people undergoing their own individual pains and traumas and coping as best they can in extreme circumstances. He offers a painful portrayal of sexual and physical abuse while generating palpable sympathy for some of the protagonists driven to do some horrible things as they try to ensure their own survival. Sharp’s storytelling is strong, and his swiftly paced narrative keeps the reader engrossed.  With a keen eye for setting and character, he weaves enthralling fantasy elements into the narrative—the fascinating air travel, dangerous monsters, the magnificent cities—all come alive. Along the way, he weaves in provocative reflections on loss, grief, trauma, abuse, revenge, redemption, and how circumstances play a role in shaping people’s perception of good and evil. An engrossing blend of fantasy and intrigue, this is a page-turner.

The Guardian Of Magic

By Andrew Sharp

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Pub date May 22, 2021

ISBN 978-1916901605

Price $15.26 (USD) Paperback, $5.47 Kindle edition

Categories: Fantasy

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