The Gathering: The Haugernaut Wars by Paul Hacker

Intricate, fast-moving, and compelling…

Hacker continues his The Gathering saga with a fantastic magical struggle between light and darkness as Rondo continues his journey to save the lands. Betrayed by the evil lurking in the dark recesses of the world, the lands of Stelvose lie in utter destruction. As the war between righteous and evil continues, the fate of the lands lies in Rondo’s hands. But the enemy is too powerful, and dangers await every step of the way. Hacker’s fast, unembellished prose combined with his measured pacing and well-developed, entertaining cast keep the reader entranced. Love, magic, bravery, treachery, and life-and-death situations mark the narrative. Hackers offers fully-developed characters and a compelling plot as he explores themes of friendship, courage, trust, betrayal, loyalty, faith, and responsibility. As the adventure-filled story intensifies and reveals its secrets, a cliffhanger ending sets things up for the third installment in the series. The accompanied chalk drawing–style illustrations compliment the story further. Readers seeking fast-paced, light YA fantasy will be rewarded.

The Gathering: The Haugernaut Wars

By Paul Hacker

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Pub date February 26, 2020

ISBN 978-1796088687

Price $35.99 (USD) Hardcover, $19.99 Paperback

Categories: Fantasy, YA

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