Master of the Scam by Aaron T Knight

A fast-moving, thoroughly entertaining yarn…

Knight debuts with a spellbinding depiction of one man’s remarkable drive to survive. It is 1937. The world is enveloped in the chaos of the Great Depression. Jack Wagner’s life is changed forever after a truck hits him at a busy intersection in Manhattan. But the powerful trucking company has money and the best legal aid on its side. Faced with monumental medical bills, Jack vows to take his revenge. Inspired by real-life events of the depression era America, the novel is full of twists and turns. Knight’s prose is rich with imagery, evoking the 1900s’ devastating world of financial hardships and World War II. Jack’s journey from an innocent young man to a shrewd con rings with authenticity. Along the way, Knight probes individual struggles, integrity, friendship, revenge, regret, resilience, and the role of circumstances in shaping a person’s destiny. Deeply realistic characters, lyrical, assured storytelling, and moving insights contribute to a story that’s guaranteed to make a lasting note in readers’ minds. 

Master of the Scam 

By Aaron T Knight

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ISBN 978-1448650453

Price $15.00 (USD) Paperback, $2.82 Kindle edition

Categories: Historical fiction

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