Weeping Goes Unheard: Sacred Tears for Indigenous Victims of Racial Genocide by Lucia Mann

A revelatory, unsettling, and enormously powerful account…

Unbiased and disturbingly honest, Mann’s latest is a compelling and definitive chronicle of the heartless and brutal atrocities Canada’s Indigenous population has been forced to bear. Utilizing available records, firsthand descriptions, including survivor stories, Mann brings to life various Aboriginal tribes of the eighteenth and nineteenth century while exploring the ethnic genocide in the name of Residential schools and the shameful role of the government and the Royal Canadian Mounted Police in ethnic genocide. Along the way, Mann delves into a series of massacres, the ruthless Indian Act, and broken treaties that left the Indigenous population devasted and demoralized. Meticulously researched and rich in detail, the book sheds light on a part of Canada’s history that is utterly shameful and should not be forgotten. Mann argues that instead of staying trapped by the past, we should learn from it and move forward by recognizing the Indigenous people as undeniable equals. Told with intensity and unembellished details, the book makes for a unique and disturbing read.

Weeping Goes Unheard

Sacred Tears for Indigenous Victims of Racial Genocide

By Lucia Mann

Aperion Books

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Pub date June 5, 2021

ISBN 978-0985603946

Price $17.95 (USD) Paperback, $11.95 Kindle edition

Categories: Non Fiction

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