The Rainbow Season by Wes Snowden

Lush, vivid, and profoundly moving… Incredibly readable

Snowden’s heartening latest explores one man’s journey to redemption. A mutual love of dancing brings Timothy and Grace together, but with Timothy’s fondness for alcohol and tendency to take undue risks in stocks, things take a downward spiral soon. Their marriage is on rocky grounds. When an unfortunate incident kills Grace, Tim is left to deal with his addictions alone. As shame and guilt take over, Tim finds himself taking refuge into alcohol, setting himself on a journey of pain and destruction. But a new job at a movie theatre becomes a ray of hope. Snowden writes with an assured hand, depicting in poignant style everything—from the intricacies and changes happening within Tim’s relationship with John, Dooley, Father Joe, Laura, and Kevin to the conflicted situations he consistently finds himself in. He does an excellent job of showing Tim at a low point in life and depicting how he is continuously trapped between guilt and shame as he struggles to come to terms with Grace’s tragic death. Snowden beautifully conveys his protagonists’ inner turmoil and restlessness, while exploring the visceral level connection between friends, lovers, and a parent and a child, the questions of love, friendship, compassion, self-restraint, faith, alcoholism, and what it means to give yourself selflessly and wholeheartedly to a worthy cause. Buoyed by intelligent prose and poignant psychological insights, this slender tale offers a fresh perspective on self-love. Devastating and heartening at once, this moving tale of one man’s journey to fulfillment will stay with readers long after they turn the last page.

The Rainbow Season

By Wes Snowden

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Pub date November 14, 2021


Price $3.10 (USD) Kindle edition

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