The Conscious Virus (Aedgar Wisdom Novel # 1) by Miki Mitayn

A vivid, absorbing work of magical realism…

Mitayn expertly blends magical realism and science fiction, drawing readers deep into an extraordinary setting and character in her engrossing debut installment in An Aedgar Wisdom Novel series. Aboriginal Dr. Nerida is a woman of science who travels all over Australia with her wife Mari, helping indigenous communities and mining towns. But she has a secret world, a world in which disembodied spirit voices talk and guide her. The Earth Spirits resonate with her Aboriginal roots, long-buried under her scientific education otherwise. When the spirits warn Nerida off impending doom to humanity, she finds herself torn between the factual world of science and the ethereal spirit voices. She must tread carefully or risk losing her professional reputation and medical career. Mitayn immerses readers in a multifaceted and intricate world of medical advancement, scientific skepticism, spirituality, morality, mortality, and indigenous dreamtime storytelling. Set in multiple timelines, including the present, past, and future, the story follows the protagonist’s struggle to find a middle ground between two drastically opposing words of science and spirituality. Mitayn skillfully draws her complex, multifaceted characters, each struggling with their own individual burdens and desires, bringing them alive on the pages: the gentle, caring, compassionate Nerida, struggling to find some kind of balance between her indigenous spirituality, long-buried under her scientific education and the everyday world around her; Mari, loyal, fiercely determined, and willful; Jim, petty, mean-spirited, and forever victim; the wise and perceptive M’Hoq Toq doesn’t get much space in the story but he is equally compelling. Mitayn skillfully integrates the aboriginal culture, folklore, and traditions into the main storyline. The oppression and the destruction that the natives faced at the hands of settlers and reigning governments are both timely and palpable. There are individual struggles for identity, life purpose, self-discovery along with the exploration of resilience of human spirit, but spirituality and faith make the heart of the novel. Themes of racial disparity, LGBTQ issues, absolutism, environmental concerns, oppression, disruptive world politics, and the needs of the society versus those of the individuals resonate throughout. Skillfully juggling a seemingly impossible plethora of various timelines, settings, and characters, the narrative builds to a thrilling series of revelations. The satisfying, heartening ending ties all the loose ends nicely, leaving enough for the next in the series. This novel, with its strong theme of spirituality is not for everyone. But the lovers of dense literary fiction heavy on magical realism will be rewarded.

The Conscious Virus

(An Aedgar Wisdom Novel # 1)

By Miki Mitayn

Gain Knowledge to Grow Energy LLC

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Pub date July 7, 2021


Price $7.95 (USD) Kindle edition

Categories: Science Fiction

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