Queen of the Skour: Book Two of the Bloodstone Dagger by K E Barron

Entirely fresh and addicting… A tantalizing adventure.

Barron ingeniously combines magic and mystery in her outstanding latest, the second in the Bloodstone Dagger series. With the Overlord of Herran threatening to destroy the whole kingdom, Tiberius, King of Del’Cabria, has no option but to hand over Princess Zephira to the Overlord. Now the Overlord is missing, and Tiberius has no clue about his daughter’s whereabouts. Jeth, who escaped earlier is captured and is scheduled to go to gallows. But Jeth is the only person who knows the Overlord’s plans, becoming too valuable to be executed. Meanwhile, Vidya is hungry for revenge and would go to any length to destroy the man who killed her mother. When their path finally converges, they have no clue how to face the immortal serpent’s final secret. Barron’s depth of imagination and worldbuilding are impressive, as she fills her complex, multilayered story with romance, action, grit, violence, revenge, daring escapades, and deadly conspiracies. The satisfying twists and shocking surprises keep the reader invested. Barron’s complex storytelling navigates a multilayered society of humans, fae, urlings, and mazes set against the backdrop of good versus evil. This world of humans working closely with other species feels natural, and Barron is utterly convincing as she tackles issues of race, class, and social politics which have echoes in our own world while examining the intimate struggle between the desire for survival and duty. Heartfelt emotion, real substance, and flesh-and-blood, complex characters combined with Barron’s immersive storytelling make for a page-turner.

Queen of the Skour: Book Two of the Bloodstone Dagger

By K E Barron

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Pub date March 30, 2021

ISBN 978-1989071069

Price $19.19 (USD) Hardcover, $7.52 Paperback, $7.88 Kindle edition

Categories: Fantasy

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