Forever Series (2-Books) by Jetse de Vries

An Intricately woven, intriguing space adventure…

With this freewheeling story of the smartest girl on Earth and her stranded Moiety Alien partner, de Vries mashes mystery, intrigue, and advanced science into a roundly satisfying space opera. Armed with the most advanced quantum computer, a brilliant digital assistant, and her different alternate personas; the hyper-fast, ruthless KillBitch and the genius LateralSys, Na-Yeli Maya is humanity’s single champion as she sets on to explore the forbidding Enigmatic Object in the Universe in the first installment. Traversing six almost-fatal layers is not easy. But Na-Yeli has a stranded Moiety Alien and a group of Hypersounders at her side. Will she be able to reach the core? In the tangled second installment, with the previous layer greatly changed because of time travel, Na-Yeli must prepare herself for the new challenges if she wants to solve the mystery of the Enigmatic Object while trying to get out alive along with her motley crew of friends. de Vries offers an intriguing SF tale filled with impossible puzzles and shocking revelations. He positions likable characters—particularly Na-Yeli Maya, with her tri-schizoid condition that enables her to call up her ultimate warrior and lateral thinker personas in times of dire need. Moiety Alien, though is suitably non-human in mannerism and attitude, will charm the reader with its loyalty and selfless devotion to its human companion. de Vries’s SF world is packed with the specs of advanced technology, far-future quantum computers, scientific descriptions which often develop into technobabble, and a highly intricate space system. The narrative is peppered with complex mumbo jumbo of space travel, demanding careful reading on the reader’s part. The intrigue is in plenty, and Na-Yeli’s dangerous journey as she struggles to traverse the challenging, intricate space layers keeps the reader invested. Readers looking for engrossing space adventure with ultra-complicated worldbuilding will find this hits the spot.

Forever Series (2-Books)

By Jetse de Vries

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Forever Curious: Part 1 of the Forever Series

Price $7.01 (USD) Kindle edition

Forever Thrilled: Part 2 of the Forever Series

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