Pretty/Ugly by Jennifer Anne Gordon

Powerful, gripping, and raw…

Gordon impresses once again with her latest, an exhilarating tale set into a world approaching its end. Omelia has seen it all: grief, childhood trauma, and death. A large fan following on Instagram means nothing but a way to escape her loneliness. What begins as a tiny red spot on her face, soon develops into a full-fledged nightmare. When her path crosses with Sam, the heir apparent to an affluent political family, who is struggling with his own demons, Omelia learns there is beauty around her amidst the utter death and destruction. With her acute understanding of the human psyche, Gordon portrays her characters with realistic compassion and movingly illustrates Omelia and Sam’s struggles with their inner demons. Vivid worldbuilding, expert prose, and frightening horror sequences propel the winding plot to a satisfying finale. Filled with suspense, horror, and intrigue, this gripping tale delves into the questions of identity, trauma, secrets, pain, fate, and what it means to love truly and deeply. Heartbreakingly real and well-drawn, the novel makes a rich treat for horror lovers.


By Jennifer Anne Gordon

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‎ Livre Maison

Pub date July 8, 2021

ISBN ‎ 978-1735402185

Price $17.47 (USD) Paperback

Categories: Horror, Short Reviews

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