The Three Tree by Madison Farkas (Author), Sakshi Mangal (Illustrator)

Delightful and addictively readable… An uproarious tale.

Farkas introduces children to basic counting in this fun picture book. The residents of the quaint little town love to count 1 to 5 day and night. But when the Evil, Mean, Mad Magician steals the magical number 3, the strongest, bravest, smartest little girl must journey to the magician’s castle in the clouds and get the number back. An abundance of whimsey is visible on every spread: from cute little protagonist to the Evil, Mean, Mad Magician; from a quiet town to the magician’s mesmerizing tiny castle in the clouds. The combination of charming, apt verse and visuals keep the young readers invested throughout. The story is child-appropriate-scary and works well as a read-aloud. Sakshi Mangel’s personality-laden illustrations are pleasant to eyes. The book will encourage toddlers to learn counting while exploring themes of courage, resilience, and self-confidence. Deceptively simple and yet clever, the book makes for a must-have for young children’s’ bedside bookshelves.

The Three Tree

By Madison Farkas (Author), Sakshi Mangal (Illustrator)

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Pub date May 11, 2021

ISBN 978-1525591563

Price $15.20 (USD) Paperback, $17.99 Hardcover, $3.87 Kindle edition

Categories: Children's Fiction

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