In Daylight and Darkness (Worldwalkers Book 1) by Dana Ardis

Dreamy and evocative… A splendid tale

Ardis effortlessly weaves an intricate tapestry of magic, tender emotions, light romance, gritty action, and long-buried secrets in her gripping debut. It’s been years since Katherine Kjeslgaard has seen her childhood friend Coraven Temarel. And now that Cor is back, Kate is not happy. It’s not her fault either. Trying to tell the world her best friend is a monster-slaying swordsman from the fantastic Kuyen has thrown Kate in a mental ward earlier. But being a worldwalker, life is not exactly safe for Kate. There are skills she needs to learn, and to do that she must visit Kuyen again. Filled with the strange and fantastical, the novel explores the thin line that separates delusion from reality. The narrative goes far beyond the recounting of Kate and Core’s tender love story: in telling Kate’s story, Ardis not only captures the relentless inner struggles of a person wrestling with mental health problems but also the stigma associated with mental illness. Brilliantly detailed worldbuilding combines elements of romance and fantasy, and high stakes elevate the tightly constructed plot. Ardis does full justice to her protagonists, bringing them vividly to life: She beautifully captures Core’s grit and determination and the astounding way he stays grounded in reality despite the circumstances. His underlying vulnerability gives him an air of melancholy, making him an endearing hero. Kate is frustratingly stubborn but by the end, readers will find themselves rooting for her. As a tightly focused and satisfying tale of love and intrigue, Kate and Cor’s love story makes a profound effect. Lovers of character-based romance fantasy won’t want to miss this one.

In Daylight and Darkness

(Worldwalkers Book 1)

Feathered Dog Books

By Dana Ardis

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Pub date June 29, 2021

ISBN 978-1736989920

Price $13.99 (USD) Paperback, $4.95 Kindle edition

Categories: Fantasy Romance

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