Eve’s Ducklings by Maria Monte (Author), Emelie Wiklund (Illustrator)

Fun, inspiring, and deliciously readable…

Monte explores the complex relationship between humans and the natural world in her charming debut. Little Eve visits the lake everyday with her grandfather. Being the curious, friendly little girl, she is eager to make friends with two small ducklings in the pond, but the shy animals are wary of Eve’s overly-enthusiastic ways. Will Eve find a way to make the ducklings her friends? Charming and informative at once, the book cleverly introduces youngsters to the boundaries they need to respect while interacting with wild animals. Little Eve’s adorable curiosity will resonate with young readers while her interactions with her grandfather are rooted in reality. Monte’s simple, candid prose that belies deeper messages, is apt for a read-aloud. Emelie Wiklund’s fun, vibrant artwork, featuring the wide-eyed little protagonist and cute ducklings readily invite young readers into the story. Delightful and fun, the book makes for a must-read.

Eve’s Ducklings

By Maria Monte (Author), Emelie Wiklund (Illustrator)

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Bonny Books

Pub date July 1, 2021

ISBN 978-0987513038

Price $19.99(USD) Hardcover, $13.99 Paperback, 8.02 Kindle edition

Categories: Children's Fiction

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