Destination 9/11: Director of Intelligence on 9/11 Speaks Out for the First Time by RET. Brigadier General Kelvin Coppock with Steve Eggleston

Candid, intimate, and utterly compelling… A sincerely monumental account.

RET. Brigadier General Kelvin Coppock with Steve Eggleston takes a detailed look at the twists and turns of history and the events leading to 9/11 while chronicling his own personal journey in this powerful outing. Born in an affluent family in Williamsport, Pennsylvania, Coppock spent his childhood years moving around the country, owing to his father’s military career. His junior and senior years in school overlapped with the greatest unrest in American history outside the Civil War initiated by Martin Luther King’s assassination. It was during this time that Coppock was admitted to the United States Air Force Academy. Detailing his rigorous training, Coppock talks about his swimming achievements, his decision to pursue Missile Operations for his initial career assignment, and his post-graduation through the MMEP. During his thirty-plus years in the Air Force, he finds himself assigned to positions with increasing responsibility, from directing response to catastrophic events to protecting a military base. Trained to launch Intercontinental Ballistic Missiles (ICBM), Coppock goes on to develop the nation’s nuclear war plans while overseeing the most capable strategic intelligence organization on planet earth. On September 11, Coppock’s day started with him overseeing a large-scale national-level exercise, involving a nuclear attack simulation, but he was briefing President George W. Bush on the astonishingly incomplete fragments of breaking intelligence in the Battle Staff area of the secure underground Command Center as the day progressed. His detailed narrative takes readers through account of how the hours actually unfolded from within the secure, underground, blast-proof walls of America’s Strategic Command. At the time of the incident, Coppock was the sitting Director of STRATCOM, Offutt Air Force Base, Nebraska. Along the way, he recounts decades of disastrous politics leading to the September 11 attacks, including the beginning of Israel-Palestine conflict in 1953, the rise of violent extremist groups seeking to destroy Israel and their profound influence upon Osama bin Laden and 9/11 hijacker Mohammed Atta, and the rise of al-Qaeda. Addressing the whirlwind of allegations and recriminations that emerged in the wake of 9/11, Coppock puts forth his own arguments, complete with actual facts and information and in doing so, he disregards all the conspiracy theories. He also touches upon the multitude of whole new potential range of scenarios the STRATCOM finds themselves face to face with in the aftermath of the event, including the possibility of more attacks on the nation. Coppock dials in the right level of detail in this candid account, and his access to major players before and in the aftermath of the event impresses. Readers will be riveted.

Destination 9/11

Director of Intelligence on 9/11 Speaks Out for the First Time

By RET. Brigadier General Kelvin Coppock with Steve Eggleston

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