Trine Fallacy: The Kinderra Saga: Book 2 by C.K. Donnelly

Exhilarating, page-turning, and unforgettable… A high-stakes entertainment.

Donnelly’s sweeping second in The Kinderra Saga offers an engrossing mix of exhilarating hope and grim reality as Mirana embarks on a quest to save her beloved Kinderra and its people. Mirana Pinal has been revealed as a legendary Trine, the person who possesses all three powers of a Defender, a Healer, and a Seer, from the divine Aspects Above. But great power comes with a bigger responsibility: the protection of her home of Kinderra, a land ravaged by a perpetual conflict with the Ken’nar, and its people is now Mirana’s responsibility. Accompanied by her mentor, the legendary Tetric Garis, she journeys across the land to seek the answers to save her people, unaware of the perilous dangers ahead. Donnely’s gripping narrative expertly immerses readers in the various character’s inner conflict as they try to deal with the precarious situations life throws their way. She exhaustively draws Mirana and Teague’s individual journeys while building an expansive fantasy world, and in doing so, she succeeds at crafting a gripping, multifaceted plot, with intricate, authentic characters at its center struggling with their individual weights. Along the way, the vividly written action sequences and tear-jerking moments of silence keep readers engrossed. Excellent execution of the plot, deadly betrayals, and shocking twists make the pages fly as the narrative builds to a climax which increases readers’ fervor for the next installment. This unforgettable tale of friendship, love, duty, responsibility, trust, betrayal, and insanity proves impossible to put down.

Trine Fallacy

The Kinderra Saga: Book 2

By C.K. Donnelly

Kibbe Creative Media, LLC

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Pub date August 26, 2021


Price $16.95 (USD) Paperback, $9.95 Kindle edition, $27.95 Hardcover

Categories: Fantasy

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