Rollover: A Nikki Doyle Novel by Paula J Longhurst

Wonderfully satisfying… A page-turner.

Longhurst’s latest, featuring the troubled lottery-winner protection agent Nikki Doyle, is a taut and suspenseful page-turner that offers a winding storyline, plenty of intrigue, and a dark web of lies and deceits. Struggling with her personal demons, Nikki is still recovering from the traumatic experience of getting involved in a bank robbery six months earlier. When she is assigned the shady Potts’s case, she has no idea about the impending dangers waiting ahead. Longhurst is excellent when it comes to delivering intelligent, suspenseful plot while taking readers right inside her characters’ minds. With her tormented yet driven personality, readers will have an easy time taking to Nikki as the main lead. The storyline is gripping and thoroughly intriguing, and Longhurst does a brilliant job keeping the tension high as the plot careens into a series of twists. This is as much a human drama as it is a traditional mystery that accommodates a captivating whodunit plot, with clever fair-play clues concealed in plain sight and a wealth of deeply felt emotions.

Rollover: Nikki Doyle Novel

By Paula J Longhurst

No parent Company

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Pub date March 9, 2020

ISBN 978-0998925837

Price $3.91 (USD) Paperback

Categories: Mystery, Short Reviews

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